Technology and equipment
Manufacture of CLT plates requires observation of strict technology regulations based on the modern high-precision equipment, competency to monitor and control the used first class raw material and also professional experience and knowledge of structures application by design and construction of any construction objects for dwelling and industrial purpose.
For production of CLT plates high quality timber is required as a rule of the first grade. For production of CLT plates coniferous wood is used, as a rule spruce and pine. Also it is possible application of larch, cedar and fir tree and also hardwood such as birch, oak, ash tee and others. By a custom order on the equipment it is possible to produce CLT plates out of combined species including face furniture quality.
The plant has its own modern drying equipment providing high quality drying of input raw materials up to humidity 11% (plus 1% minus 2%). The guaranty quality of wood drying is provided by an availability of a many functional power center.
A technological process of manufacture has many peculiarities and strict regulations of production operations fulfillment. Conceptual nonstandard construction and technological decisions used by production of a CLT plate provide high stable quality and guarantees of reliability of the new construction material of the CLT plates application.
In the technological process on production of CLT panels the equipment of leading European companies is used: Minda Industrieanlagen GmbH (Germany), Weinig Grecon GmbH & Co.KG (Germany), Weinig Concept GmbH & Co.KG (Germany), Georg Schwarzbeck GmbH & Co.KG Maschinenfabrik (Germany) and others.
For CLT plate pressing a highly productive press is applied, which provides pressure 0,8 – 1,2 N/mm2 manufactured by MINDA German company. At the present time there are no analogs of such press in the world. The press provides control of pressing simultaneously in area of more than 700 000 см2 controlling every square centimeter.
Production and processing of details of a construction facility are made by project data on processing centers manufactured by Hans Hundegger AG company (Germany).
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