Possible variants of CLT panels. 
Solid CLT plates
Solid CLT plates
A CLT beam, roof structures
A CLT beam, roof structures
Construction facilities
Construction facilities
Solid CLT plates
Main standard dimensions of the output products are defined by length up to 18 000 mm, width up to 3600 mm and thickness up to 350 mm. Manufacture of nonstandard products is possible: for example with thickness up to 500 mm.
Production capacities of the plant are arranged for production of complete construction facilities for dwelling and industrial purpose on the base of project documentation developed in compliance with requests and requirements of Customers.

For quality control a special desk of quality is provided. By a Custom order additional and special operations on CLT plates could be made.
A CLT beam, roof structures
Beams manufactured on the base of CLT plates are non-shrinkable. Length of solid massive beams up to 18000 mm provides application of spans between columns 18 000 mm without jointing and reinforcement.

Beams manufactured on the base of CLT plates in the process of made tests show capability to bear higher load by 30-40% in comparison with traditional glued wood beams.

Beams manufactured on the base of CLT plates assuredly have much more fire resistance in comparison with beams out of metal bearing even twice less load than wooden ones. Application of beams manufactured out of CLT plates is more efficient not only on cost of a material with different characteristics on bearing capacity in comparison with metal beams, but also has the advantage of transport costs, assembly, maintainability and operation.

The plant produces standard columns with cross section 300/300; 300/400; 300/600; 300/800 mm and also not standard ones by a separate Custom order.

Columns manufactured on the base of CLT plates have not only attractive appearance, but also have a capability to bear high loads. Thus one column with 6000 mm height, with cross section 300/400 bore load of 50 tons without apparent traces of destruction.

Construction facilities
Application of CLT plates is various:
- individual houses and high-rise buildings over 20 floors;
- social facilities such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens, indoor sports facilities; administrative buildings, airports and fire stations;
- commercial facilities such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and independent shops;

- sports facilities, swimming pools and courts, race tracks and hippodromes;
- bridges, cross-walks via roads and railways, hanging facilities;
- facilities on water including floating houses;
- facilities for cold areas of the world such as Arctic and Antarctic, regions beyond the polar circle and permafrost, mountainous areas;

- facilities for earthquake-prone regions, where human life must be more expensive than fluent phrases and promises;
- facilities – storage tanks for water of underground and above-ground storage;
- roads via swamps and impassable places, where traditional technologies lose their significance or cost a fortune;

- industrial facilities and facilities for special purpose, where owners count their money and need guarantees of stability and reliability;
- attics and any superstructures over already built houses in very complicated conditions for fulfillment of construction works;
- construction facilities, where boundless fantasies of architectures and designers could be realized with application of CLT plates by practical actions of builders.
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