"REST" prefabricated house is a standalone house for leisure with well considered layout including all necessary things: a kitchen-diner and a bedroom form a single space, at the same time zonal delimitation takes place at the expense of a special constructive decision of the building. In the house sanitary facilities and sauna are provided. An outside deck out of CLT plates will allow having rest in the open air. All these in combination with atmosphere of the wooden house present unusual comfort and coziness. In this house it will be warm also in winter – CLT solid structures with 160 mm thickness will provide heat storage. 

Area of the house out of CLT
 General area 51,59 м2.
 Living area 30,94 м2.
CLT structural elements
External walls160 mm.
Internal walls and partitions 100 mm.
Roof 160 mm.
Foundation plate 160 mm.

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